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Work, home, children, social activities, concerns or problems.... many people suffer from stress. Stress can be Physical: accidents, repetitive movements, bad posture, physical work;

Emotional: concerns, family, children, the couple, the economy;

Chemical: too much caffeine, sugar, tobacco, unhealthy diet.

Chronic stress can lead you to suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, intestinal problems.

Whatever the cause, the effects are very harmful to our nervous system. According to the World Health Organization WHO, health is a "state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or disability"

Addressing health from the HOLISTIC point of view involves the following factors:

  • Healthy living habits (food, sleep, exercise, stress management)
  • Health is not merely the absence of disease, it prioritizes the welfare.
  • The human body is a WHOLE, so a single component that is not in equilibrium affects the health of the rest.

Chiropractic advocates the importance of the nervous system in regulating body functions so that the WHOLE functions optimally. website provides information about the professional services offered by Centro Quiropráctico Puig, owner of the contents of this website. The contents of this website are offered for informative purposes only. The owner is not responsible for the contents or the statements and opinions expressed by third parties on this website. The contents of the website do not constitute or intend to replace a professional health advice, since Chiropractic Care is not a health profession and has not been subject to formal regulation in Spain, so the owner does not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect, that could be derived from the use of said information.

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