Subluxation is the term used to refer to a vertebra which has lost its normal position, causing inflammation and irritation that affects the proper functioning of the nervous system. Thus, subluxation is an interference in the transmission of impulses of the nervous system. The brain sends and receives messages constantly to every cell, tissue and organ of the body. When there is interference in this communication, the message is lost or damaged and the cell, tissue or organ stops functioning properly.  Over time, the result is pain or illness.

What are the causes?

The causes may be Physical, Chemical and/or Emotional Stress.

PHYSICAL: car accidents, falls, poor posture, heavy backpacks, labor, childbirth, repetitive movements, physical work, aggressive sports, sedentary lifestyle, obesity.

CHEMICAL: poor diet, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, preservatives, pollution, drugs.

EMOTIONAL: concerns and problems, economy, work, family, divorce, depression, insomnia.

Subluxations do not correct themselves. The symptoms may appear and then disappear for a while, but eventually the pain always returns if the main cause of the problem has not been corrected.

The Adjustment

The spinal adjustment is a quick thrust applied to the affected vertebra for the purpose of correcting its position. The Doctor of Chiropractic uses specialized techniques that require great skill and years of expertise in a School of Chiropractic, and have nothing to do with massages. website provides information about the professional services offered by Centro Quiropráctico Puig, owner of the contents of this website. The contents of this website are offered for informative purposes only. The owner is not responsible for the contents or the statements and opinions expressed by third parties on this website. The contents of the website do not constitute or intend to replace a professional health advice, since Chiropractic Care is not a health profession and has not been subject to formal regulation in Spain, so the owner does not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect, that could be derived from the use of said information.

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