Chiropractic and the Elderly

For those who refuse to see their quality of life decreasing with the passing of the years and want to add not only more years to their life, but also more life to their years, Chiropractic can give them the support they seek.

At this age the body becomes more delicate and fragile and metabolism slows down. A weaker skeleton tolerates worse an aggressive drug treatment and surgery. At this stage, you need a more conservative approach with no side effects, one that respects the natural physiology rather than alter it to suit the individual needs of each person, and this is what Chiropractic care can offer a patient.

Everyone, especially the elderly, can be greatly benefited from chiropractic care, changing the dynamics of being over-medicated and the problems involved, such as addiction and the harmful side effects.

Our older patients find in chiropractic care a safe and natural way to reach greater vitality, more mobility, and a more positive outlook on life. They sleep better, are less tired, and have more desire to go out and do activities and socialize. Many people find a remarkable improvement with their chronic conditions that had already been diagnosed as unrecoverable, and what's even better, have diminished or even eliminated their medication intake.

Chiropractic care not only helps the recovery of locomotive functions, but can help the body of the senior person to return to a higher level of vitality and health.

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